Thursday, 21 October 2010

Free Pattern!

Hello everyone,

Today I am offering a free pattern for all the knitters who read the blog! I hadn't thought of this until someone commented on an earlier post saying I should put up the pattern for my cabled phone sock on Ravelry (a knitting forum) as some people would love it. Unfortunately, due to my lack of planning I didn't write the pattern down and can't remember much of it... Eventually I will try to make it again and I'll write down the pattern! So for now, I'll give you my other phone sock pattern that I designed. It's pretty simple!

You'll need Double knitting yarn. I don't know exactly how much, but not a lot! The phone sock weighed 3g if that helps.
3.75 mm knitting needles - anywhere between 3mm-4mm will work fine.
And mobile phone to measure against!

YO - Yarn Over. It kind of says it on the tin, but instead of putting your needle through a stitch you just put the yarn over the needle without going in any stitches. See here for a video.
K2tog - Knit 2 stitches together. Just like you would knit one stitch but slide the needle through 2 stitches. Video here.
K - Knit.
P - Purl. If you don't know how to purl a stitch see here.
Stocking stitch - Knit one row purl the next row video here.
2x2 Ribbing - Knit two stitches purl two stitches video here.
Garter Stitch - Knit every row

**This was made for someone new to knitting so an experienced knitter may find all the notes/photos annoying, sorry**

Step 1 - I casted on 20 stitches but my phone is quite slim so I'd suggest casting on 32 stitches. Use whatever method you're comfortable using to cast on.

Step 2 - We're going to start knitting the brim. You can either make it with stocking stitch or 2x2 ribbing if you're comfortable with purling stitches, if not just use garter stitch. And use this stitch for about 1 and a half cm.

Step 3 - K1 stitch, YO, K2tog until 1 stitch left, K the last stitch (you should still have 32!)
Step 4 - P all stitches or if you can't P, K all stitches

Repeat step 3 and 4 until your piece covers the length of your phone.

Step 5 - stocking stitch/garter stitch for 1 and a half cm

Step 6 Cast off!

Then just sew up the side and you're done!

Here's a photo of mine, sorry there aren't photos step by step my computer really isn't happy today so I can't upload all of the photos! I used 2x2 ribbing across the top, purled all the rows in between the YO rows and finished with stocking stitch and also a tiny bit of decreasing but that's not overly noticeable and not needed.

Enjoy the pattern, let me know how it turns out and feel free to comment if you get stuck :)

Jasmine x


Ivy said...

Cute! Hmm...I wonder if that would make it easier to find my phone in the depths of my purse....

Anastacia said...

Hey, thanks for stopping by my blog! :) I'm so happy you liked my handspun & hand dyed yarn! Trust me, it's not nearly so pretty in person! LOL

Milly said...

Love your blog, it is so cheerful. The pattern is adorable!

katili said...

Cute! Thanks for sharing :)

Jaz said...

Thanks for the comments everyone, sorry for the late reply I'm normally a lot quicker! Glad the pattern has gone well, hopefully there will be more to come!
Thank you for reading the blog, I hope you like it I'll be back to update as soon as I've finished my WIP I've got at the moment!

Sara said...

OO! Free pattern! Thank you!

MayaB said...

Free patterns are always appreciated!

Cindy Dy said...

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Silvia Jacinto said...

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Anonymous said...

Would love to make this but I don't understand the Metric system. How about re-writing it in inches, etc.

Heather Rhodes said...

This is such a beautiful and simple pattern! I appreciate your clear and concise instructions.

Heather Rhodes said...

Most tape measures have an inch side and a centimeter side. 1.5 centimeters is about 0.6 inches.

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